Industrial Duty, Built to Scale

ACT’s modular systems allows us to size the composting system to fit the volume needs of each DOT application.  Some DOT departments may configure smaller systems to support several counties, or larger systems to satisfy needs for a larger area.  Working with planners at each DOT operation, we can scale the ACT Roadkill Composting site to match the budget and roadkill mortalities expected for the area served.  Some of our configurations can even be designed in such a format to meet construction, site, and budgeting guidelines to avoid “Capital Budgeting” approvals within State regulations.  Most importantly, the ACT Forced Air Composting systems compensate for huge variances in feedstock, both in terms of size and quantity of animals needing to be processed.  Output compost from our ACT systems is environmentally friendly, does not have odor, and can provide ample output for DOT uses for landscaping, or optionally for sale.


  • Pre-processing: Cuts time to finished product and eliminates leachate system
  • Save Time & Money: No more taking carcasses to landfill
  • BioSecure: True pathogen KILL
  • Inexpensive + clean: Eliminates fossil fuel costs & mess of incineration systems
  • Safe, environmentally sound: Farm compost process approved by EPA, NRCS
  • Accommodates spikes in mortality: Very scalable on daily needs
  • Adjusts to seasons: Fully operational in sub-freezing environments
  • Closed loop system: No runoff waste
  • Industrial use: Designed for industrial use with standard farm equipment
  • Solution approved: For DOT applications