Application for Composting

ACT has been extremely successful in helping large, high volume Poultry growers improve their farm’s operation with our innovative and robust Forced Air Composting System.  Via work with independent growers and coordination with the Dept. of Agriculture (NRCS) and with the blessing of integrator partners such as Tysons, Mountaire, and Prestige, we have been able to bring our high performance, and cost effective composting solutions to meet the Mortality Management requirements of today’s progressive Poultry grower.

Scalable Systems

With ACT’s origin in North Carolina and the high concentration of poultry producers in our state, our Poultry Mortality Composting Solution has been widely deployed and proven across growers of all sizes.  The large number of successful installations into such a tight-knit community of growers and integrators is testimony to the cost-savings and performance we deliver to the grower.  The combined weight of the mortalities and scope of larger farms make these truly industrial, heavy use sites, and showcase the performance of our Forced-Air composting systems.  Our installations include entry-level configurations, up to farms that are processing over 750,000 pounds of mortality waste per year, so our systems can scale to a robust, industrial level.

Individual Retrofit Option

Most of our Poultry mortality systems feature our robust, custom turnkey solutions built for rugged, daily use with standard farm equipment.  ACT also offers a retrofit option specifically engineered for Poultry applications, and customized for government agricultural “Cost Share” incentives.  This option is available for growers to do their own site installations, or for farms that have existing composting processes that need a high performance, cost reducing upgrade.  These kit options include all the necessary components to build and operate an industrial duty composting operation, utilizing the ACT Forced Air Systems for more efficient, lower cost, and more environmentally responsible composting.


  • Pre-processing: Cuts time to finished product and eliminates leachate system
  • Reduces farm BioSecurity risk: No rendering trucks visiting farm
  • Inexpensive + clean: Eliminates fossil fuel costs & mess of incineration systems
  • Safe, environmentally sound: Farm compost process approved by EPA, NRCS
  • Accommodates spikes in mortality: Very scalable on daily needs
  • Adjusts to seasons: Fully operational in sub-freezing environments
  • Closed loop system: No runoff waste
  • Industrial use: Designed for industrial use with standard farm equipment
  • Solution approved: For Murphy Brown, Prestige grower networks
  • Funding: Approved for NRCS “Cost Share” funding