Advanced Composting Technologies have always been a leader in innovation and experts in the overall composting process.  We can compost mortality faster than anyone with our “forced-air” floors, but we knew we wanted to improve the process even more. In 2015, with hog and poultry farmers particularly in mind, we started to develop a pre-processing unit for their mortality. Fast forward to 2017; after many hours of research and development, we have introduced our ACT “Compost Special” Mixer.

The “Compost Special” Mixer has drastically improved the efficiency of composting. The concept  is to break the mortality down on the front end and incorporate that with the carbon source (typically sawdust). This reduces the amount of bins required to compost the same amount of mortality, the time it takes to do so, and completely eliminates all leachate.

Even though January 2017 was the first month we implemented this technology into farms, producers are already seeing a drastic change in how they manage their mortality.

The mixer has reduced labor by 75%. We don’t have any leachate. The loading of the bin is a piece of cake. There is no smell. The bones are gone. I love it, it’s the best thing ever.
Chris Peace

Manager, Pollyridge Farm