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Our History

Advanced Composting Technologies (ACT) is the outgrowth of Mountain Organic Materials, a mulch and compost business formed in Candler, North Carolina in 1998.  After the success of several carefully regulated composting programs on North Carolina dairy and poultry farms, which received the support of the NC Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the company changed its name in 2005 from Mountain Organic Materials to Advanced Composting Technologies to reflect this new direction.

Advanced Composting Technologies has quickly become a technology and process leader in the industrial composting sector with installations that span many sectors including all varieties of farm/agricultural, food service, and specialty organic waste systems. The composting systems that ACT builds today were developed and refined through a process of extensive research, testing, and real-world installations.  Our close coordination with the Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)  has lead to approvals on design, confirmation of environmental stewardship, and even significant cost sharing programs implemented across specific markets.  In 2009  ACT received the distinguished Innovate Business Award from the Asheville Chamber of Commerce for the thought leadership and business process change our systems and technology deliver.

Our Forced-Air, Closed Loop composting systems deliver robust, high-volume systems that have many cost, operational, and environmental benefits.  We continue to deliver the “Down to Earth” business practices that help make our composting solutions affordable and customized for each market or installation.


Our capabilities at ACT fall into two clear categories:

  • To deliver leading industrial composting expertise and thought leadership for your specific application requirements
  • To deliver a solution based on how customized or turnkey you want us to manage your site and installation.

First, we bring Applications expertise from several significant applications for industrial composting where we have multiple installations that showcase our robust, high performance systems. These would include animal mortality applications for: Swine Growers, Poultry Growers, Fish Farms, and Highway Roadkill applications. We also have Applications experience in Food Service Waste Management, and “General Organic” matter applications for private enterprise and institutions. Along with our core capabilities in Composting, we bring application insight into these markets that help us size and configure installations that are cost effective, yet capable of handling the unexpected circumstances that daily business process often requires.

The second part of our Capabilities deals with how we cater to you as a customer: we let you decide how much you want us to manage at your installation. Many customers opt for our fully custom, turnkey installations. Under this format, we engineer, architect, design, build, permit, construct, train, and get the ACT Composting System 100% ready for daily operation by your own personnel.


Advanced Composting Technologies provides the ulitmate in personal attention and after the sale support.  Beginning with our pre-contract consultation about your specific waste management needs, into system sizing and design, and into either construction phase (for our turnkey systems) or configuration and shipment (for our kit installations) you work with one of our “Down to Earth” ACT specialists  who follow up on significant details.   The ACT team will be literate with matters related to Permitting of your site, working with possible opportunities for “Cost Share” funding, Environmental approvals, construction permits, and a host of operational details.  You’ll be working with a hands-on team that will utilize our full resources to create a robust, fully functional system.

While the ACT systems have few moving parts, there is always the chance for system support or maintenance needs.  Our staff is available for after the sale support with systems diagonosis and repair options to keep your system operating at peak capacity.   Systems are warrantied for One Year from date of operational start for all parts and labor.  A detailed Owner’s Manual is provided for each site installed.



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