How It Works:

It is a proven fact: Composting is the most environmentally sound method for disposing of animal mortalities, food waste, manure, agricultural waste, and other organic wastes. Traditional static pile composting – which has served agriculture well for many years – does not produce high enough temperatures for long enough periods of time to compete with our proprietary forced air method. For industrial applications, static pile composting is just too darn slow to process the amount of waste needing to be processed. The Advanced Composting Technologies Forced Air Composting Systems were designed to “turbo-charge” the natural composting process via a number of technical and scientific advancements that create a robust, high performance waste management solution that is environmentally sound and very easy to operate on a daily basis.

A Technical Explanation:

The Advanced Composting system uses forced air and an air distribution to facilitate the timely replenishment of oxygen throughout the mixture for maximum composting efficiency. The ambient air is forced up through the mixture and the amount of air is carefully calibrated to provide just the right amount needed to purge the carbon dioxide and replace it with fresh air, which contains about 18% oxygen.

ACT’s proprietary system of forced aeration provides exactly the right amount of air needed, which speeds up the process and makes turning the compost mixture a thing of the past. The right amount of moisture is also critical to the composting process. There must be some moisture – but not too much. So capturing and controlling excess moisture, or leachate, is very important. ACT’s system of closed loop lechate control ensures that moisture is collected, controlled and circulated back into the composting material. This not only helps the composting process, it also greatly reduces the mess and virtually eliminates the odor typically associated with composting systems that have been used in the past. ACT’s proprietary composting facility offers a turn-key and easy to use system that ensures optimum conditions in the compost pile at all times.