Perfect Application for Composting

One of the best applications for composting as a waste management solution is the food service waste output from any large institution such as a university, hospital, military base, food processing plant, large corporate campus, etc. that has a significant food service operation. Organic food waste output at these locations can be quite significant, and may likely have specific routes to disposal based on the waste being either “pre-consumer,” “post-consumer,” or specifically designated and sorted for re-cycle/organic disposal destinations. Because of the size and make-up of organic food waste, it processes very fast and efficiently in a well operated, industrial grade composting facility such as an Advanced Composting Technologies Forced Air system.

Scalable Systems

ACT’s modular systems of both industrial turnkey, and retrofit installation options allow us to size the composting system and facility to fit the volume needs of each Food Service client. Due to the contents of most Food Service waste, our Forced Air Composting technology is able to cycle this waste much faster, and with larger volumes of feedstock than other systems. Our high performance engineering of Forced Air matched with our “Compost Special” Mixer allows for systems to meet strict environmental regulations and operate efficiently across all seasons of the year. Output compost from our ACT systems is environmentally friendly, does not have odor, and can provide ample output for landscaping, greenhouses, erosion control, or optionally for sale.