Photo & Video Gallery

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then we’ve got a big set of encyclopedias here at our Gallery!   Select the appropriate Photo Gallery section below to let the ACT real-world customer installation photos provide the insight that only a visual resource can deliver!

Facility Layouts & Floorplan Examples:

Actual customer installations are profiled as finished site examples of ACT physical design and floorplan layouts.  These examples are options to consider regardless of industrial application, but would be matched to your requirement for number of operational bins.  You may also visit the Site Floorplan Layout Drawings section on the Resources tab for floorplan schematics of various bin layouts by facility size.

Construction & Systems Design Examples:

Take a peek at the detailed process that goes into an ACT site construction, from site selection, to foundation work, to engineering for the Forced Air delivery system and Environmental controls.

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“The Recipe:” How it Works!

How it Works – PPT
A simple, quick photo guide on how the ACT composting systems operate, accompanied with some guided notes.

Bin Configurations & Live Operations:

A great portfolio of actual customer BIN configurations and working photos that will allow you to better understand the capabilities, flexibility of design, and ease of use to the ACT composting systems.  See examples of “before/after” processing to witness how the ACT process performs!

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