Our Cost Share Opportunities

Particularly for our Swine and Poultry Mortality Management offerings, ACT has worked diligently and behind the scenes with the Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to build systems that meet and exceed the criteria established from this group to allow for application based funding from specific “Cost Share” programs that have been created to help farmer/growers improve and innovate their business operations.

Since there are ever changing budgeting and application requirements to these “Cost Share” programs, we at ACT stay informed, involved, and even make design considerations to insure that our systems offer maximum opportunity to qualify for these monetary resources.

In many cases, a significant portion of the Mortality Management initial investment can be offset by these funding resources, and your ACT team can help you with the application process and be your ally for getting to this resource that can favorably impact your budgets, both for initial costs, and long-term with ACT’s Mortality Management System having such low monthly operating costs.